Vieevery is a link shortening tool enhanced with the ability to include advertising.

We divide vieevery into advertisers and promoters. The advertiser has a banner ad with his offer, while the promoter shortens the link, attaches the advertiser’s offer to the link and makes it available. The advertiser adding the banner has to buy a package of clicks so that the promoter can add it to his shortened link. 

You can also be an advertiser and a promoter in one, because by adding an advertisement, buying a package of clicks, you can shorten the link to a website and attach your advertisement and become a promoter at that moment. 

Create an account, go to the promote tab, paste in the link you want to shorten, select an available banner for promotion, copy the shortened link and share in the places you want.

Create an account, go to the “add an ad” tab, add your banner with an offer. Then go to the “statistics” tab, add clicks, choose a package and after paying and buying a package of clicks, adjust their number to the banner. Watch your statistics and the interest in your banner.

Clicks are the number of clicks on links with your banner, after they are used up the offer will not be available. You will have to fund your account again with clicks.

No, the listing is added once, you can remove the listing and add it again

Go to the “promote” tab, at the very bottom there is a “withdraw funds” button. Note, pay attention to the minimum amount to withdraw.

1) Go to the “add ad” tab.

2) Next, enter a name for your ad that will be visible to other users. 

3) Select the category in which your ad will be promoted.

4) The address of your website, offer, Landing Page. 

5) Next, select the country in which your offer will appear. Country also means the users from which they will visit your website, ad or see your service. 

6) Ad File means the banner ad that will appear when you click on the shortened link.

7) Mobile version is required because the ad will also display on mobile devices. 

8) Save, go to the statistics tab and follow the steps in pt. 4 “I want to promote my services, how do I get started?”